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Introducing Alpine Papa


Alpine Papa doesn’t blog.  What he does do, though, is take photos.  Very good photos, I think.  So here is his photostream (well, one of them, anyway).  Do stop by and say hello to him; we’ll love you forever.

And if all that’s true about pictures painting a thousand words, then he’s a much better blogger than I’ll ever be…


Author: Alpine Mummy

Now an ex-City lawyer, I gave up London life 'just for a year' to spend my maternity leave in a tiny village in the French Alps. Nearly three years later Alpine Family is still here - the legal career is gone but we're living the dream (most of the time) and skiing and hiking our way through life. Walks and fresh air are now the order of the day - bye bye smog, hello mountains...

4 thoughts on “Introducing Alpine Papa

  1. Fabulous photos as always! Very jealous of his talent! Xxx


  2. I went to Canada a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was beautiful. I was boasting about my holidays to everyone. Now that I’ve seen Alpine Papa’s pictures, I can’t boast anymore, no one would believe me! Great pictures indeed


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