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It’s official. I’m a crazy cat-lady.

It’s been an expensive couple of weeks.  Our cat, Millie, has really been testing our affections, and has managed to run up some rather hefty vet’s bills.

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Missing Corrie. Concisely.

Still raining

I am notoriously (and annoyingly) wordy in my blog-posts (why use one phrase when three will do…?).  I am therefore taking this week’s writing challenge VERY seriously by doing something completely different – cutting out ALL superfluous words.  Grab those scales – this blog is on a diet!  (OK, hang on, I’ve not started yet…)

So here it is – this week’s post. In Haiku.  Ish.

Rain and Tears, by Alpine Mummy

Raining non-stop for
34 hours, and there’s no
Corrie on TV.

Enough said.

(PS In case you don’t know, “Corrie” is the UK’s (best and) longest running soap, having been around for over 50 years.  I have been watching it obsessively for about 28 of those years.  Until now, that is, as they don’t bloody show it in France.  Unless you know me, you cannot imagine how painful that is…)


I’m doing OK. Really.

I was speaking to my oldest friend on the phone the other day when she asked me how I was doing.    Genuinely.  She didn’t want a flippant answer about how everything is fine.   She really wanted to know if I was OK.

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