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Alpine Mummy’s Hikes With Kids


Google has brought you here because you’re wondering the best way to hike with kids?

Ha, sorry, you’ll be disappointed.

But keep reading!

What this blog will (hopefully) do is give you a taster. It will tell you about some of our more memorable hikes (‘memorable’ for Alpine Mummy doesn’t often have positive connotations. You’ve been warned). It will give very clear examples of what NOT to do if you want an uneventful, smooth, calm day frolicking with your little beauties in the wilderness. As always with Alpine Mummy: if you want to do it the right way, do exactly the opposite of what we do.

Recent Posts:


Each post will tell you the lessons we learned! Go on: have a read, have a laugh…

What We Knew But Didn’t Do:

What We Learnt Because We Got Burnt: