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This morning I went for a run

Watch out for all those other runners…

This morning I went for a run.  A very short run but a run nonetheless. The thing about going for a run in the mountains is, well, there’s mountains.  It’s not like in London where my running consisted of making a beeline for the river and then running as far as possible along it.  The thing about going for a run next to the Thames is, well, it’s flat.

A quick remark about my running ‘career’ perhaps.  I didn’t really do exercise.  A bit of cycling here and there, and some rollerblading, but nothing serious and certainly never any running.  Then, in 2004, I saw the London Marathon on TV.  That was it, I was going to run a marathon (there were fat people running the marathon! And old people! If they could do it so could I!).  Trainers and sports bra purchased and I was off.  For about 5 and a half minutes.  With Alpine Papa cycling next to me for ‘encouragement’ I made it back to the flat but I was not in good shape.  And I certainly hadn’t had fun.  I wasn’t convinced.

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